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Chalet Peach "Happy Metal"


"In beginning this journey I have sought to master my craft with only the tools found in quiet mid-town suburbia. In taking this great breach into the unknown, I have disclosed the secrets of my inner state through a daily obsessive documentation of thoughts and impressions. This album is an expression of that unconditioned feeling".

Artist: Chalet Peach
Album: Happy Metal
Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk, Psychedelic
Origin: Venice (Italy)
Support: Cassette Tape - Limited Edition
Notes: White Cassette C60 + Inlay; Artwork by WINSOR
Release Date : September 27, 2019
Label: Coypu Records
Cat #: CYU-21
Links: Facebook; Instagram;
Video: Bad Girl (Official Video)

Special Bundle Cassette + White T-Shirt
Originally based on stream of consciousness sketch conceived by WINSOR while drinking white wine and eating venetian cicchetti.

Bio Chalet Peach is the brainchild of Venice native singer/songwriter Jacopo Sacrato, originally coinceived as an home recording dream, quietly crafting raw sonic materials. After spending mostly of the days capturing those moments of insight and transposing them into stream of counsciousness recordings, Chalet Peach came up releasing his first full-lenght on Coypu Records on september 2019.
Chalet Peach is always experimenting, driving towards tonemaking exploration.